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Strategies and solutions that drive strong performance

We support clients with a broad range of products and services that help maximize value for their organizations and constituents. How do we know what to recommend? We listen before we talk. And we advise instead of instruct. So clients can trust we’re always working in their best interest. 


Deb Schoneman

Michael Cox, CFA
Co-Head of Global Equities
Tel: 612 303-2043
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Thomas O'Kane
Co-Head of Global Equities
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Since 1895, investors have turned to Piper Sandler for help reaching their goals. For institutional investors, we provide equity and fixed income sales and trading capabilities.

Equity Sales and Trading

Piper Sandler equity sales and trading teams work with top corporate and financial institutions in the United States and Europe. Our highly trained, research-intensive sales professionals are an integral link between our research analysts and institutional investors.

In trading, Piper Sandler has a longstanding commitment to execution excellence for clients. In the area of aftermarket equity trading, for example, we are consistently top-ranked for aftermarket IPO support. Our capabilities include traditional, algorithmic and program trading approaches as well as commission management services.

Fixed Income Sales and Trading

Our fixed income sales and trading professionals have industry leading expertise in a wide variety of products needed to support our public finance and fixed income clients. These products include all types of municipal bonds (high-grade, bank-qualified, variable-rate debt and derivatives) as well as agencies, treasuries, certificate of deposits, preferred stock, corporate bonds, equipment trust certificates, asset-backed and mortgage-backed bonds and money market instruments.

Strategic Trading

The Piper Sandler & Co. strategic trading division is comprised of Piper Jaffray Investment Management (PJIM) and Hopwood Lane Trading. Both are supported with Piper Sandler and partner capital.